Health Care in Europe

The Liberal Democrats in Europe today condemned the government's "measly" offer to cover healthcare costs for UK citizens living in Europe for only six months in the event of a no-deal Brexit

Speaking after reading the announcement on the government's website, Chair of the UK Liberal Democrats, Robert Harrison, a long-term resident in Germany said "There are many people British citizens working in Europe who are covered by their contributions in the local systems. However, they often have family visits who have previously relied on the European Health Insurance Card in the event that they fall ill." 

Robert also added that abandoning pensioners who are insured under the so-called S1 scheme was immoral, "many had moved to Europe and relied on the costs of their healthcare being covered." 

The government has stated that the six-month period is to allow British citizens to arrange local healthcare cover. In some countries, it is not clear whether it will be possible to join the local insurance systems at all. Private healthcare coverage can be prohibitively expensive and there will be lots of people who will be unable to afford it on their pensions.

The Liberal Democrats have continued to support the citizen's rights for British citizens who have chosen to live, work, retire and study in the European Union. At our recent party conference in Bournemouth, the party committed to revoking the Article 50 Declaration in the event that it formed the government after the next general election, or to continue to campaign for a second referendum including an option to remain in the European Union.

They are currently running a survey on health care to find out how the reciprocal health care treatment has been used in the past few years.

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