Jo Swinson on Votes in House of Commons

Responding to votes in the House of Commons tonight, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson said: "This is not a done deal, and I won't stop fighting for our place in the European Union. Liberal Democrat MPs will always fight to keep the best deal we have as members of the European Union.

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A Terrible Deal

“It will be a terrible deal” was the response of the Liberal Democrats in Europe to the publication of the EU Withdrawal Agreement with its amendments. “The special situation of Northern Ireland will be highly complicated and this will lead to the massive extra burden of red tape for business as ...

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Citizen's Rights in the Queen's Speech

“It’s far too little and it’s far too late” was the message from the Liberal Democrats in Europe when they heard about the government’s commitments to European citizens announced in the Queen’s speech. It’s not just about EU citizens living in the UK, it’s also about UK citizens living in Europe....

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The Liberal Democrats in Europe covers the whole of Europe outside the UK except France, with a fast-growing network of nearly 1000 members in the European Union, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

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