Citizen's Rights in the Queen's Speech

“It’s far too little and it’s far too late” was the message from the Liberal Democrats in Europe when they heard about the government’s commitments to European citizens announced in the Queen’s speech. It’s not just about EU citizens living in the UK, it’s also about UK citizens living in Europe....

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Blame for Brexit

Responding to reports of Angela Merkel’s reaction to the PM’s proposed Brexit deal, Liberal Democrat Shadow Foreign Secretary, Chuka Umunna said: “It is obvious that Boris Johnson’s Conservatives are trying to shift the blame for their own arrogant refusal to negotiate or suggest workable options...

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Exporting Financial Assets to Escape Brexit

Reuters reports this week that Swiss Banks are enjoying a massive boom, as wealthy UK residents move their assets to avoid the economic consequences of Brexit, revealing the stark contrast between those who are set to be the post Brexit haves and have nots.

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The Liberal Democrats in Europe covers the whole of Europe outside the UK except France, with a fast-growing network of nearly 1000 members in the European Union, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

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