Giving EU Citizens the Rights that they were promised

Boris Johnson and the Conservatives promised to automatically guarantee the rights of all EU citizens to stay in the UK, but they have broken that promise. LibDems are running a campaign to ensure that EU citizens living in the UK are automatically given the right to live and work.

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Ed Davey on EU Trade Deal

Ed Davey "As Liberal Democrats, we know that there isn’t any deal that is as good as the one Britain had as a member of the European Union. That’s as true today as it was four years ago. Boris Johnson’s deal is bad for jobs, bad for security, and bad for our environment. It’s bad for farmers; bad...

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LibDems will attempt to put UK Parliament in the driving seat on a future relationship

Thee Liberal Democrats have tabled a series of amendments to the European Union (Future Relationship) Bill that demand the Government protect British businesses, the rights of UK nationals and ensure Parliament has proper scrutiny over the future relationship agreement. Leader of the Liberal Demo...

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The Liberal Democrats in Europe covers the whole of Europe outside the UK except France, with a fast-growing network of nearly 1000 members in the European Union, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

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