Academic Research on expat political links to their home countries

Dr Tudi Kernalegenn at the Université Catholique de Louvain has asked us whether we would like to take part in his research into the links emigrants keep with their home countries. He writes

I am doing a research on the links that expatriates keep with their country of origin, comparing British, French and Spanish expatriates. I am especially interested in understanding how expatriates can remain active citizens of their home country. For this reason, I am studying the branches of British parties abroad, including of course Lib Dems in Europe. For the moment, I have notably been doing interviews. Those interviews have been very instructive to understand what it means to be a member of a British party abroad. Now I am beginning a new step in my research. To have stronger and more generalisable data I am launching a survey for expatriates active in British political parties:


I would be very grateful if you could send the link to this survey to all your members in Europe. The survey is completely anonymous and compliant with GDPR. 

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