European Liberals call for Europe-wide Cooperation in Research

6 Jun 2022

At their Congress in Dublin on 4 June 2022, the Alliance of Liberal and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) called for strengthening pan-European cooperation in research, education and innovation. The resolution was drafted jointly by the Swiss Green Liberals, the UK’s Liberal Democrats and the Swiss FDP and was unanimously endorsed by the delegates from other parties.

Currently, participation in the EU’s research programmes, such as HorizonEurope, for UK and Swiss-based companies and research institutes is massively restricted. Both countries wish to participate, and researchers from all around Europe want to collaborate with their British and Swiss colleagues. The negotiations on participation are stuck because of political disagreements in other areas. 

We see science, education and innovation as crucial for Europe’s future economic success. They are contributors to economic growth. Joint work is important for the development of technologies to combat climate change, support our ageing society, and provide opportunities for young people. In the UK, the Liberal Democrats have called for the UK Government to overcome obstacles to allow British participation in these research proposals