Phone Banking: A Beginner's Guide

Making calls from abroad can require a bit of patience in getting set up – but stick with it! Set yourself up in a quiet area with good internet access.

You will need a device with access to the internet e.g. laptop, tablet, and a phone, Skype, or another VOIP service.

The cheapest way to make calls from abroad is to use Skype. Just 10-20 euros calling credit will get you 2-3 hours of call time.


  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Log in if you already have an account, or select 'Create an ActionID' if you don't
  4. Type in the code for the area you want to call. 

    You will have been told a specific code, or where to get them from. If this is part of a General Election campaign, then codes will be updated often, so go check frequently.

  5. If you're using Skype, open it on your phone or laptop and top up with 10-20 euros calling credit
  6. Start making calls! (Remember to add +44 to the phone numbers!)

Top Tips

  • Read up on the candidate by going to the local party website
  • Smile! Voters can hear you smiling :-)
  • Put the script in your own words – no need to follow it word for word
  • Focus on the data and getting answers to the questions – this is the most helpful thing for local teams
  • Finish on a good call
  • Post a photo of you making calls on social media!
  • Keep checking for new codes to be made available
  • Why not hold a phone banking party and invite your friends round and phone bank together? Cake and tea optional but highly recommended!
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